Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Craziness of School

Hey Guys,

School is in full swing, and things are going great! I survived and grew greatly during our RA training and now classes are just starting to get down and dirty. This year I'm taking:

  • Elementary Statistics
  • Principles of Psychology
  • Modern Humanities
  • American History
  • Earth Science
  • Heath and Physical Education
Yeah, all Gen Eds. But I actually tend to enjoy them; there definitely is a saint out there who did a great job instilling that whole "loving learning" thing into me. :)

I'm hoping to get more time to blog over the weekend, perhaps make some comments about Obama's VP choice.
By the way, Michael Phelps is the man! He made the Olympics worth carving out time. The Chinese might have the corner on the "looking good while jumping in water" market, but once you get in the water, it's USA all the way!



vic[tori]a said...

i. love. michael. phelps.
and the whole US swim team!
it was increddddible watching them!

and who did Obama choose?? how did i miss that?


secondhand perspective said...

It was good chatting with you today buddy. Ah, yeah, I actually enjoy the Gen Eds, though, I imagine with all your other activities you will be rather busy. Also, you need to plan a trip to NYC, most certainly. Good luck with the semester!

Emme said...

Nice. I have American History too. woots!

Abigail said...

woot! and so the fun begins... :)

Alicia Smith said...

What I can't figure out is why all of the book titles are backwards.