Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seriously SNL!?! Seriously!?!

If you haven't been watching the best show on television (The Office), you probably know nothing of the SNL Thursday half-hour "elections special."

Or should I say, half hour democrat commercial.

The first bit was "Pres. Bush" endorsing Sarah Palin and John McCain. Which was literally near verbatim one of Obama's latest YouTube spots. Bush: "When you see this face and all my policies think of John McCain."

The rest of the episode rested on an "economic adviser" screaming "fix it" (a repeat joke from last week), Andy Samburg vomiting on people, and comedicly drab "news updates;" all to fill time between McCain/Palin slams.

At the very beginning, I thought it would be interesting to see how many times the name of a democrat was used. Not just Obama or Biden, any democrat. The answer?

Not Once.

No jokes, no mention, no nothing.

It was absolutely pathetic. What happened to the election comedy genius that existed in past years? I still can recite the parody Al Gore "lock box" monologue. They creatively slammed everyone, Bush and Gore--and it was hilarious. They have completely bastardized any reputation built on the true comedians of SNL past. Who were mostly liberal, but still saw that nobody is above comedy and satire. Apparently these mediocre hacks, who call themselves comedians, are concerned more with 100% biased coverage, than with what they became famous for doing.

Being Funny.

Although, from looking at their non-political material, it seems even this small request escapes these "comedians."


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Elise said...

So true Atifft. Molly said the exact same thing after we watched SNL the other night. But, having the real Sarah Palin on the other night was fantastically hilarious.
Nice work on the zazzle stuff!

secondhand perspective said...

Hmmm, I have to agree that many of SNL's political jokes fall far short of previous years and I wholeheartedly agree they have focused primarily on Palin and McCain while ignoring easy jabs at Obama. Of course, there are a lot of dynamics that go one behind the scenes, which are pretty interesting...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tifft.

I'm impressed. I'm also posting that beautiful insignia somewhere on a blog, with due credit to yourself, of course.

So. Question. Do you actually make money on zazzle?